What Happened to Snacs?

I wrote about Jadakiss, SimCity, and a search for answers


As you have hopefully noticed by this point, the site looks a little different. I finally got fed up with Tumblr and its multitude of limitations and moved everything to WordPress like an adult. It’s not quite perfect, but it works for now. (UPDATE: I’m on Medium now.) I’ll have to iron out the kinks as I go along. In the process of migrating everything over here, I embarked on the envious task of reformatting all my old Tumblr posts so they looked okay over here. In doing so, I came across some early stuff I had forgotten about.

One of my first posts on From Loveland was about Snacs, aka Josh Abramovici. I had recently been made aware of the NY producer by way of his single, “Art Shadow” which had been circulating on the internet a little bit prior to the release of his Weird Ontology project. It’s smooth from front to back, and contains the world’s most beautifully bizarre Jadakiss sample. Check out the old post if you want more thoughts, but the whole thing is really great.

In retooling it for From Loveland 2.0, I thought Huh, I haven’t heard from this guy in a while. I wonder if he’s put out any new music. I search for his Twitter, but it would appear it’s been deleted. A quick glace at his Bandcamp page returns a resounding no. The most recent project available is Weird Ontology. Good, but not new. I head over to Soundcloud, and I’m onto something. Posted three months ago are a slew of tracks with bizarre artwork, all tagged #backlog. Naturally, it looks like this is all old material that has been thrown online rather than collect dust on a hard drive. I’m starting to think Snacs dumped his reserves and called it quits. Following these eight tracks is a set called Backlog, with a description confirming my assumption:


Underneath it is something else, however:


Ta daaaa! It would seem Mr. Abramovici is still kicking around some new tunes after all. The Vose 106 profile contains a few three-month-old tracks, but a quick Google search reveals a Bandcamp page with a full album. Released August 10 under a Nashville label called Kudzu Productions, CAN’T FIND ME by Vose 106 is the latest from the artist formerly known as Snacs.


“CAN’T FIND ME” by Vose 106

It doesn’t sound quite the same as earlier work like Weird Ontology or Swim Tape, but it’s still unmistakably Snac-y. There’s the same trance-like loopiness that listeners will recognize. It’s still very atmospheric, but far less murky and ethereal. On earlier projects, Abramovici always seemed to have a knack for coming up with the perfect song titles, and that trend continues. “Envoy Bop” sounds like something that would play in some kind of futuristic dystopian nightclub. It’s spacey and hypnotic, like something that would make sense in The Matrix.

“SMILIN’,” which seems to be pitched as the single, is not nearly as happy-go-lucky as the title would suggest, featuring a repetition that bores into your head. There’s almost a menace to it. It has the same kind of stark, sparse bounce that made Yeezus so polarizing, just on a much more subtle level.

The thing finds more of an sunnier tone on the finale. “Complexion” introduces more lighthearted bongos in place of the lurching percussion in earlier parts of the project. Despite being much more upbeat, it still has an ominous tone to it. Did you ever play SimCity 3000? That game is awesome, but the music eventually gave me the creeps. It had this unsettling, existential Koyaanisqatsi vibe that parts of CAN’T FIND ME is able to pinpoint. It sounds like elevator music with a dark secret.

It took me some getting used to, and it’s definitely not quite as no-brainier lovable as Weird Ontology was, but I’m still glad to see Snacs is putting out music. As a bonus, my curiousity/stalking unearthed some random Snacs throwback gems like this mix for Utopie Tangible, this interview/mix for The Soul Electronic, and this charming collaboration project with rapper Young Windex called Bomb Ass Soup. Snacs and a rapper sounds as good as you’d imagine.

I guess this was a long-winded way to say that Snacs is kinda still making music, only he’s not Snacs. No word on whether or not Snacs will return. Until then, dive into the weird world of Vose 106.