My Favorite Videos: TV On The Radio — Will Do

In Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Dr. Victor Frankenstein watches his beloved wife die at the hands of a monster he created. In an effort to undo the past, he rushes to his laboratory and resurrects his wife using his newfound skills. His wife is alive again, but it’s not the same. She sets herself on fire and crashes through the window of his mansion, plummeting to her death for a second time. Dr. Frankenstein is more heartbroken than ever and learns that nothing man made can replace true, authentic love.

Directed by Dugan O’Neal, “Will Do” by TV On The Radio operates under the premise that humans have created some kind
of virtual reality device that aims to replace (or, better yet, recreate) love. Obviously technology can’t replace or duplicate human interaction (especially love) so what we’re left with are lonely people with hollow, digitized shells of companions.

Maybe it’s a statement on our current society. Maybe it’s a warning for the future. Maybe it’s just a neat sci-fi love story. It feels like a highly condensed mixture of Her, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Cloud Atlas.

“It might be impractical
To seek out a new romance
We won’t know the actual
If we never take the chance”

I’m not even a TV On The Radio fan.

It’s one thing for your favorite artist to release a video for a song you love and impress you. It’s another thing entirely for a video to make you fall in love with the song. That’s what TV On The Radio did with “Will Do”.

While the premise carries the video, the beauty of the piece shouldn’t be overlooked. The cinematography and visual effects play a huge role here, and even simple elements like color add to the overall impact of the video.

It’s ambitious and smart, which is a pretty good goal for any music video.