Astronomyy, Music, and The Internet in 2014

Music in 2014 is awesome. With the advent of affordable audio equipment and websites like Soundcloud, the barrier to entry into the music world has never been lower. Anyone with access to a computer and the internet can create and distribute music to the entire world. It’s crazy. Of course, one could argue that this also fills the web with subpar music, which is probably true, but I still think there’s never been a better time to be a talented musician than there is right now. Despite all the garbage out there, the good stuff still finds a way to float to the top. Astronomyy is a perfect example of that.

I was first introduced to this guy’s music a little less than a year ago. I believe the genre that was used was “surf/urban”, which is both completely ridiculous and completely apt. That’s another thing that the internet music scene in 2014 has brought us. Meaningless genres. The lines are beautifully blurred, and we have wonderful artists making weird, sun-bleached hip-hop surf rock.

Location isn’t important, but Astronomyy is English. I don’t picture England as being a big hub for either hip-hop or surfing, yet here we are.

He hasn’t released much music, yet there’s definitely a palpable buzz. He’s got over 500k Soundcloud plays on his three singles, yet he hasn’t forced anything else out. The public is clearly interested, and Astronomyy is letting things come to him. In the internet era where everyone, especially hungry musicians, are forcing themselves upon everyone, Astronomyy has yet to play his first live show.

He was just in NYC finishing his debut EP. There’s no release date yet, but you better believe people will be clamoring. Load those three singles into your summer playlists, and hopefully the EP will be here sooner than later.